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Back In Shape Program

One-To-One Coaching

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Wherever you are in the Back In Shape Program, the point of this service is to offer those that want that personalised approach an option to do so working more closely with us on an ongoing basis.

Email us on for more details & to apply for One-to-one coaching.

This service is designed to be a coaching one-to-one supported plan to help you get the best possible results in multiple areas based on your objectives, with more direct access to us to steer you more tightly.

This is perfect for those looking for that extra level of customisation, support and guidance that comes from this style of one-to-one coaching.

  • Each month we'll have 1 60 minute Zoom Call to track progress, adjust goals and targets, troubleshoot and more as is directed by our previous calls.
  • Direct Whatsapp messaging support